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1. POSitive Retail Manager Full Install


IMPORTANT NOTES: Will you be installing this program on Windows 8 or 10? If so, please click here and watch our installation video. Also, PRM needs to be installed in 'compatibility mode' on Windows 10. Please click here for more information.

This version of PRM is no longer fully compatible with Windows XP and should not be installed on that operating system.

There is a single file for POSitive Retail Manager and POSitive Retail Manager SE and during installation you will be asked to select one of the programs to install on your computer. The program will install and operate in DEMO mode until it is registered. While in DEMO mode there will be a limit of 50 inventory items and 50 sales transactions.

PRM is a full-featured point of sale system and so much more. Track customers, inventory, and vendors. Create orders, invoices, layaways, and quotes. Exclusive Template feature allows you to create groups of items you can sell by entering one SKU. PRM 5.16 uses Microsoft's SQL 2005 Express for its database engine, creating an open, reliable method of handling your data.

NOTE: This is the 'full installation' file, which includes Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005

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POSitive Software Co.
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15 Sep 2015

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