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Important Information about your AveraCharge Credit Card Merchant account

Effective immediately, if you continue using AveraCharge payment processing through a POSitive point-of-sale software product, you assume all risk and liability for any loss or damage that may occur if there is a breach or other failure related to that service.

POSitive Software Company is no longer partnered with AveraCharge for credit card payment processing.  There are new standards for credit card processing, and your current AveraCharge installation may not meet these standards.  

As of June 1, 2016, you will need to either be on a support subscription or pay a support incident fee in order to get assistance from our support department.  Our staff will be able to provide limited support for the Averacharge interface, including helping you with out-of-balance errors, until August 1st, 2016.*  After August 1st, POSitive staff will no longer be able to help you with questions or problems you may have concerning your AveraCharge merchant account.  We can, however, direct you to the appropriate company for assistance.

We don’t want any of our customers to risk losing funds, or otherwise have payment processing disrupted.

We have a solution that will bring your credit card processing up to current industry standards, as well as integrate seamlessly with your POSitive point-of-sale software!

POSitive is now working with Vantiv Integrated Payments (formerly Mercury), an established leader in the credit card processing industry with forty years of experience.  We can provide you with an industry compliant, fully integrated EMV payment processing solution.  Vantiv has very competitive rates, and also offers integrated gift and loyalty card programs.

Vantiv credit card processing is integrated into POSitive Version 6, our newest POSitive release.  Version 6 has many new features and improvements, including improved AR and AP processing, interface improvements, and optional SMS text messaging marketing!

Give us a call at 800-735-6860 if you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to get switched over to Vantiv payment processing in the near future!

*Circumstances beyond our control may result in AveraCharge support ending earlier.

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