PRM SE - PRM Comparison

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PRM SE - PRM Feature Comparison
at the Point of Sale Register  PRM SE PRM
Enhanced Security through Employee Security Group Login control Y Y
Choice of Fully Editable Touch Screen or non-touch Register Screens Y Y
Advanced 'Invoice' mode screen with support for Section manager N Y
Support Dual customer screen (sale line details & images  and in-store advertising) Y Y
Supports multiple payment types & split tender Y Y
Direct Scan & multiple lookup options to sell items quickly: Barcode, Model #, Description,  Y Y
Direct scan serial number for fast lookup/sell of serialized items N Y
POS Displays relevant product info during sale: Qty available, held, next due, location, picture etc Y Y
Automatic & Manual discount options including coupons & vouchers Y Y
Automatic commission tracking & splitting between multiple sales staff N Y
VAT options include, Inclusive, exclusive & export Y Y
Quickly search & add customers during sale displaying relevant customer details & info  Y Y
Take AR payments through Register & Back Office Y Y
Search & re-issue invoice history Y Y
Issue recurring invoices Y Y
Issue & track Gift Cards & Certificates Y Y
Place invoices on hold and recall at any workstation Y Y
Create & manage multiple Loyalty schemes N Y
Issue store credits or refunds from the register Y Y
Service Center / Work Orders (module required) N Y
Quotations /Estimates (module required) N Y
Advanced Print Management supporting multiple printing options to multiple printers Y Y
Edit & Add customized document layouts with support for Crystal Reports Y Y
Track Voids & lost orders/sales Y Y
Age Verification Y Y
Customer Contract pricing (module required) N Y
Sell customers Consignment items  N Y
Automatic customer price promotions Y Y
Promote up selling & add on items Y Y
Automatic Promotions including quantity breaks, date-time specific Y Y
Automatic Pack pricing (single, six pack, case, etc) Y Y
Advanced 'trade-in items' management N Y
Automatic Back order support & release held stock override  Y Y
Inventory Management  PRM SE PRM
Manage & track 'Stocked', 'Non-Stocked' and 'Admin' items eg: fees & labor  Y Y
Enter & Store detailed information & behaviors for each item Y Y
Support multiple 'bin-locations' with stock control for each item Y Y
Add Pictures & extra text for Searching & use in invoices, PO's & internet Y Y
Supports up to 6 Price levels per item with automatic price suggestions Y Y
Multiple suppliers for each item Y Y
Sort & group items in to a logical product tree Y Y
Use Category defaults to speed up item entry & behaviors Y Y
Supports multiple barcodes per item Y Y
Assign & print Item specific barcode/price labels Y Y
Kit/Assembled item management Y Y
Fashion 'Matrix' items (size/color) Y Y
Manage & track Serialized items from PO through sales, returns & RMA (module required) N Y
Fast & sophisticated search, filter & export options Y Y
Manage Customer's Consignment items (required module) N Y
Configure Item Commission structure  N Y
Re-order control with min/max triggers with support for seasonal levels Y Y
Link items together for up selling, suggested accessories etc. Y Y
Set items as active/inactive Y Y
Support & track negative stock quantities (sold before received) Y Y
Stock taking/reconcile routines Y Y
True FIFO system Y Y
Detailed audit trail of inventory activity (sales, purchased, price changes etc) Y Y
Advance Inventory features eg Warranty, price in SKU & price formulas N Y
Import item details to add & update details from suppliers Y Y
Used Items & trade-Ins N Y
Informative inventory List, with drill-downs, export & editable layout options  Y Y
Deleted Items Manager (Recycle bin)  Y Y
Interfaces with the General Ledger Y Y
Inventory Price Management  PRM SE PRM
Create up to 6 price levels per item Y Y
Assign price levels based to Customer, Dept, Cat & more Y Y
Calculate selling prices using defined markup/margin based on Avg/Actual cost & FIFO Y Y
Formula based price calculations N Y
Automatic promotional pricing & discounting (time specific sales, 3 for £10, Mix & Match etc) Y Y
Show discounts & 'You Saved' summary on Receipts Y Y
Supports pricing options for Pack, Weights & Fluids Y Y
Create date/time sensitive Contract prices for selected items per customer N Y
Load price lists/updates from a file Y Y
Purchasing  PRM SE PRM
Automatically or Manually create Suggestion lists & Purchase Orders Y Y
Historical sales & purchase data available for informed PO management Y Y
Supports 'Drop Shipping' addresses  Y Y
Supports multiple suppliers cost prices & last order dates for each item (Best Price suggestions) Y Y
Track suppliers expected delivery and actual received dates Y Y
Send PO's electronically, fax or pdf email attachments Y Y
Manage open & historical PO's Y Y
Supports Supplier Min Qty & Pack sizes (case of 24) Y Y
Interface with General Ledger & Accounts Payable N Y
interfaces with Inventory system showing 'On Order' Qty & Expected Dates with drill down Y Y
Receiving Goods  PRM SE PRM
Receive items without a PO or from PO already entered on system Y Y
Amend & Add items whilst receiving including new barcodes Y Y
Scan, batch receive or import from file  Y Y
Supports partial delivery & back-orders Y Y
Print barcode & price labels whilst receiving Y Y
Cost variation warning & management Y Y
Manage Serial Numbers immediately during receiving N Y
Automatically assign items to customer orders based on entered or required dates Y Y
Interfaces with General Ledger Y Y
Interfaces with Inventory system updating costs, in stock, available, held, Back Orders Y Y
Supplier Management  PRM SE PRM
Comprehensive Supplier records: multiple contacts, addresses, terms, phones & notes Y Y
Supports individual stock lists  Y Y
Discard or re-stock customer returned items Y Y
Comprehensive stock return management through the RMA center N Y
Customer Management and Marketing  PRM SE PRM
Comprehensive Customer records: billing/delivery addresses, email, phone contact etc Y Y
Configure payment terms, settlement discounts & finance plans Y Y
Manage orders & deposits Y Y
Additional 6 user-definable fields Y Y
Use Customer Categories to group, manage & set defaults Y Y
Fast & sophisticated search, filter & export options Y Y
Manage, track & control Credit limits, AR & statements Y Y
Configure & assign multiple frequent buyer/loyalty programs N Y
Opt-in email marketing, advanced filtering/searching for marketing campaigns Y Y
Assign unique contract pricing for each customer (module required) N Y
Assign sales tax schedules (local, EU, International) Y Y
Provide a call history & contact log for each customer    
Employee Management  PRM SE PRM
Track and manage employee information Y Y
Detailed employee logs & audit trails Y Y
Set up sales rep commission structure N Y
Control staff with Security groups, profiles & over 120 settings Y Y
Built in Time-Clock Y Y
Internal messaging to individuals or defined employee groups Y Y
Accounts Receivable (AR)  PRM SE PRM
Integrated accounts receivable module (built-in) Y Y
Support for finance charges Y Y
Print statements and Aging reports Y Y
Credit limit/hold settings & warnings Y Y
Track charges, payment history & notes to assess credit ratings  Y Y
Accounts Payable (AP)  PRM SE PRM
Integrated accounts payable module (built-in) N Y
Integrated accounts payable module (built-in) N Y
Pay by due date or Invoice, allowing discounts & adjustments N Y
Print/reprint checks and check register N Y
View account status, reconcile bank accounts N Y
Setup and post multiple payable departments & expenses to the general ledger N Y
General Ledger  PRM SE PRM
Integrated general ledger module (built-in) Y Y
Flexible chart of accounts, create your own to export to 3rd party systems Y Y
Audit trails Y Y
Budget comparison, profit/loss reports Y Y
Split business general ledger activities into separate 'Divisions' eg: retail, web, trade counter N Y
Service (Repair) Orders - module  PRM SE PRM
Create a standard, trade-in, internal or assembly Service Orders N Y
Fast & sophisticated search & filter options: by name, date, order number, Serial etc N Y
Set service order status, add comments & contact notes N Y
Track & monitor warranty claims, with form printing  N Y
Schedule and track repair jobs with an integrated calendar & technician clock in/out N Y
E-Commerce/website integration  PRM SE PRM
Pictures, web descriptions, notes etc. controlled directly in Inventory Y Y
Select products to be displayed on the website directly from the inventory module Y Y
Inventory relieved upon order fulfillment  Y Y
Website order notification  Y Y
Multi-site/locations - Module  PRM SE PRM
Manage & control multiple locations centrally N Y
View & update customer info from all sites & head office N Y
View inventory information and stock levels of other stores N Y
Transfer inventory from store to store N Y
Add & Update inventory pricing, discounts, re-order levels etc. from a head office N Y
Live or Schedule polling of data N Y
Share & update Gift cards, store credits, sold & used in real time N Y
Share & update Gift cards, store credits, sold & used in real time N Y
Reports  PRM SE PRM
100's of reports as standard, all add your own Crystal Report to the report list Y Y
View all printable reports on screen, export to pdf etc Y Y
Extensive Sales Reports by date, time ranges, dept, category, supplier etc Y Y
Sales by register & drawer reconciliation Y Y
Sales VAT Y Y
Sales rep commission totals N Y
Top sales by customers, suppliers, items sold (best & worst) Y Y
Items not sold since Y Y
Price variances Y Y
List open quotes specified time of day, week, month or year N Y
Extensive Inventory Reports inc: valuation, slow/fast movers, shortage, physical counts etc Y Y
Purchase Order status, history & past due dates Y Y
Customer Account reports Y Y
Accounts Receivable reports Y Y
Accounts Payable reports N Y
General journal report N Y
Service Order reports N Y
General System Features  PRM SE PRM
View all printable reports on screen, export to pdf etc Y Y
Supports multiple user networking Y Y
True client/server database Y Y
Limited foreign language support Y Y
Built-in Interface with QuickBooks Accounting Y Y
SQL Database Y Y
Direct support for Crystal Reports Y Y
Web Reporting in real time Y Y
Multiple currency support Y Y
Interfaces with CCTV/DVR for real time streaming of activity Y Y
Supports multiple geographic locations (address formats etc) Y Y
Support for all standard EPOS Hardware: scanners, touchscreen, cashdrawer, printers etc Y Y

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Customer Comments

We were extremely happy with the support for our new PRM set up, and subsequent resolving of the connection issue. In particular, the way Josh Vique handled the transition for us made this experience a pleasant one. Josh was very professional and courteous on the phone and by email, and his expertise in problem solving the connection issue was likely above and beyond his job requirement.

Adriana Wilkins

Adventure Outfitters


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